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Jenny & Teddy Meeks
Jenny & Teddy Meeks

Welcome to our website. Please let us know if we can help you in any way. We are here to help make your gifts... Personal.

Morgan and Company specializes in engraved silver, engraved sterling silver, monogrammed silver, monogrammed sterling silver, monogrammed handbags, embroidered handbags, and many other engraving and embroidery items.

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3D Monogram Frame
This white personalized photo frame features a 3D monogram making it a truly unique gift. The frame is available in two sizes, 4" x 6" photo (measures 7" x 9" overall) or 5" x 7" photo (measures 8" x 10" overall).

Made in the USA at our facility in Griffin, GA. Designed by Teddy Meeks. Design copyright and patents pending. All rights reserved.

(SKU: 608-121-WHITE)
Base Price: $35.00 Each